CBD for Psoriasis

The CBD for Psoriasis is one of the major therapeutic uses of cannabis. The uses of medicinal cannabis have shown broad effectiveness in the treatment of certain chronic diseases, even its analgesic effect has led to the use of CBD for psoriasis, which is a skin disease of autoimmune origin.

cbd for psoriasis

Its efficiency derives from the interaction that cannabis has with the human endocannabinoid system, and it intervenes in the biochemical process developed by cells that regulate functions such as: appetite, sleep and mood.

These brain receptors respond adequately to cannabis and the result is that the symptoms of some conditions will gradually disappear.

cbd psoriasis

What is psoriasis

The psoriasis is a skin disease , chronic, who cycle appearance. Skin cells accumulate very quickly on the surface of the dermis and excess cells begin to form plaques, red spots, or scaly areas that can be itchy and even painful.

In other words, the cells, instead of being replaced every 30 days, which is normal, they do it every 3 or 5, and this excess is what generates those scaly patches. It is considered to be an autoimmune and genetic disease, triggered by environmental factors (excessive cold, stress, infections, trauma, etc.).

While there are many medications and topical creams recommended for this skin condition, various studies have established the advisability of using CBD for psoriasis . The recommendation is obviously backed by extensive scientific research.

effects of CBD for psoriasis

CBD for Psoriasis

It is never appropriate, even if they work in the short term, a toxic drug to reduce or cure a skin condition, especially since these types of substances also tend to generate allergies and adverse effects on the body, in the long run.

New ways are being discovered every day to cure or reduce symptoms of various diseases with natural and non-toxic, safe and effective elements. CBD has all that.

In the specific case of psoriasis, unfortunately there is no cure but its symptoms and their incidence can be controlled through the application of CBD oil. Remember that this disease, in its most serious phase, can also attack the joints and cause what is called psoriatic arthritis.

The CBD for psoriasis , then it is advisable at several levels: for treating skin as such condition for inflammation of skin and joints to handle stress (one of the main causes of psoriasis) and depression It arises from not being able to control the red spots and unpleasant plaques that appear on the body.

cannabidiol psoriasis

How does CBD help psoriasis?

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical component of the hemp plant that, when in contact with the endocannabinoid system of the human body, manages to influence it. It binds to messenger molecules (the CB1 and CB2 receptors) and then regulates a number of primary physiological functions.

Its anti-inflammatory properties and those that act directly on the nervous system as analgesics are among the main ones with which CBD relieves the symptoms of psoriasis .

cannabis skin disease

Reduces inflammation

CBD regulates the immune system and thus reduces inflammation , affecting the interaction between the immune and nervous systems. It acts, above all, on the CB2 receptors, exerting its biochemical action.

Reduces cell growth

CBD slows down the excessive growth of skin cells since it directly affects the endocannabinoid system: it influences keratinocytes, delaying their development.

Regulates pain levels

Thanks to its analgesic properties that act on the central nervous system through CB1 receptors, CBD has effects to reduce pain levels, according to studies done in 2015.

The evidence is becoming more evident and abundant about the great help that CBD oil can be for psoriasis and other diseases. There are lotions and creams based on this compound that are applied topically. You have to make sure that the percentage of CBD is adequate.

cannabis for psoriasis

Effects of applying CBD for Psoriasis

The psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that manifests with itching and scaly skin lesions, often much irritation and redness observed. Although the causes that generate it are not known, hereditary factors can influence its appearance, however it is not contagious.

This condition causes the skin to carry out the cell renewal process in shorter periods than normal, usually the time is one month and in the presence of psoriasis they can be replaced every 3 or 5 days. This ends up causing excess dead cells to accumulate, which are responsible for creating visible lesions in the epidermis.

The application of CBD oil for psoriasis has given very good results to patients with this disease, the analgesic power of cannabidiol helps control skin cell growth and its application has achieved the following effects:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Stops the production of scales
  • Decreases itching and irritation

A study carried out by the team of researchers from the University of Colorado has proven that the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabis is useful to treat skin diseases, specifically it is reported that CBD for Psoriasis is able to completely eliminate severe itching by applying two ointments times a day on the affected area.

Part of the review, carried out by specialists, shows a decrease in the size of tumors in the skin of mice and a reduction in inflammation thanks to injections with cannabinoids. You can learn more about the study on the website of the journal MedicalMarijuanainc.

cannabidiol to relieve psoriasis


Cannabinoid receptors are found in abundance in the skin and being the largest organ in the human body, it has been proven that it can connect with the immune system and help balance cells. In this sense, CBD ends up intervening in the process of cell differentiation, proliferation and death.

Cannabidiol manages to inhibit the production of cytosines that are those that cause inflammation when there are emergency situations that wake up the immune system, this activity in a certain way supports that the actions of the endocannabinoid system can effectively help to mitigate the symptoms and even prevent diseases of the skin.

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