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Cannabidiol flowers

We offer you the best selection of CBD flowers or legal marijuana buds at the best price. We have professionally grown buds. Take advantage of all the benefits of cannabidiol with our products.

Discover our cheap and high quality cannabis . This type of product is gaining popularity due to the benefits that the hemp plant brings to your body. On the other hand, Our department will place your order so that you can receive it comfortably at home.

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Hemp buds online

You can buy legal marijuana flowers in Spain , thanks to the fact that it does not contain any psychoactive component . This is because they are marijuana buds that do not set .

Lately these types of items are in high demand as people seek to receive the benefits of cannabis without feeling heavy or high . That is why our buds are legal and you can buy them online in any country of the European Union.

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Sale of legal marijuana flowers

At FarmaCBD we sell all kinds of CBD flowers that come from the cannabis sativa variety. It is no secret to anyone that this type of flower has accompanied humanity for millennia but it is now when we can send it to your home.

It should be noted that we have selected a set of legal cannabis strains in order to help you with your online purchase so that you can enjoy our legal buds .

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What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are buds that have been grown naturally in order to obtain the benefits of the cannabis plant. They come from female hemp plants, which are harvested once they have reached their maturity phase.

Likewise, to be able to commercialize these flowers it is vital to carry out an exhaustive cultivation process . In addition, in order to be approved and suitable for commercialization, we verify that they contain less than 0.2% THC , at least as far as European legislation is concerned.

Currently, there are many stores that offer CBD-based products online . In them you can find marijuana and hemp flowers of different aromas and flavors, but few sell them with a high CBD content.

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What are CBD buds for?

CBD flowers are not produced to be smoked. Therefore, they do not have a recreational function unlike other compounds . Despite this, it has multiple functions of great advantage for the home or for personal use.

Well, most tend to sell CBD flowers online that contain very low amounts of cannabidiol. However, at FarmaCBD we offer you a wide range of marijuana flowers with a high content of CBD , ideal for use by those who seek the product for its beneficial qualities.

It is important to emphasize that due to their high CBD content, they contain a huge amount of properties that significantly help you to cope with the discomfort that different pathologies can cause.

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What is the aroma of CBD marijuana?

The marijuana plant gives off a very particular type of smell due to the presence of terpenes . This element is nothing more than a chemical compound that gives off a great variety of aromas that the plant has.

All flowers have a special smell caused by these compounds that provide a specific aroma. There are a multitude of smells depending on each of the genetics or species of cannabis that exist on the market. So you can choose from a wide variety of aromas.

It is important to determine that the fragrance of cannabis is one of its important characteristics and, any type of quality marijuana or flower must be accompanied by a specific aroma that gives it smell and flavor. Thanks to this smell there are certain uses, some already mentioned.

As we mentioned earlier, the scent of CBD flowers depends on the cannabis strain or genetics. Believe it or not, there are still people who believe that marijuana is a single plant, and they are unaware that there is a wide variety of them from which different aromas can arise .

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CBD flower scents

  • Sweet: The sweet aroma is one of the most characteristic of cannabis . A marijuana that has a sweet taste is a sign that it has been cultivated providing it with all the nutrients, achieving balance in organic cultivation. This is one of the most popular scents for CBD lovers.
  • Earthy : The earthy aroma is characteristic of indica varieties and today it is a very successful nuance. It is usually a very characteristic aroma in CBD hash .
  • Citrus: Citrus is a highly sought after aroma due to the freshness it transmits. In addition , citrus has a wide variety of undertones , such as orange, lemon or tangie to name just a few of them.
  • Skunk: The skunk scent comes from a variety with the same name that was discovered in the 1980s and has been heavily cultivated for years. It is one of the most used by cannabis experts and they use it to relax.
  • Wood: This aroma is very common and can be achieved thanks to the curing method or the nuances of each variety. You will feel a fresh aroma that will make you feel that you are in the forest.
  • Floral: The terpenes of the plant can produce floral aromas that evoke all the species of nature.
  • Pine: The aroma of pine or Mediterranean offers you freshness and a lot of vitality, it is a perfect roma to do yoga.

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What is the color of CBD flowers?

The flowers CBD usually have some green colors ranging dark brown or passing as you go along drying and curing. But it is also common to find violet, purple or blue flowers . This is because genetics can provide different shades of color depending on the species of marijuana from which the flower comes.

Marijuana buds that are in perfect time for use, that is, they have already undergone a perfect drying and curing process , have a color that ranges between green, brown and amber.

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How to get CBD buds?

Getting cheap CBD flowers in Spain is very simple. You just have to visit our catalog and choose the buds that best suit your tastes and needs. Remember that the variety of merchandise represents us.

In addition, we have at your disposal other products that may interest you, such as the best CBD oils. And of course a large selection of cannabidiol flowers.

We have designed a complete catalog of cheap CBD flowers to meet the demand of all our users. Our website is very intuitive and will assist you throughout the purchase process.

High CBD hemp flowers

If a plant or any of its parts has a considerable decrease in THC and instead has a good level of CBD, then it is quite beneficial . If you have in mind to buy CBD flowers you should know a little about it.

Keep in mind that just as the popularity in the legal marijuana trade has many positive aspects, there are some that are not so great.

This is why you should know what are flowers with good CBD values? These are plants that contain a high content of Cannabidiol and are cultivated for therapeutic purposes. The flowers or buds that we sell in our store have different levels of CBD, so we allow you to choose the amount of cannabinoid that each client needs.

Using flowers to relax or calm anxiety is not the same as using flowers to reduce pain . That is why you should choose the flower with the amount of CBD that best suits your needs. Consider that this compound even has skin soothing functions.

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General aspects of CBD Flowers

So that you can easily recognize CBD flowers and know a little more about them knowing that it is made up of several parts that fulfill different functions:

The chalice

Calyx or bract, is an element that is responsible for protecting the flower. It bears a strong resemblance to the leaves of the plant, but is teardrop-shaped. It is packed with resin glands and is where the highest concentration of cannabinoids is produced.

This element varies according to the variety of cannabis, that is, in sativa-dominant plants, you find them grouped in the form of clusters . In this case they are not very compact, in the indica varieties, the calyx is very small and the bunches are totally compact and very tight.

The tails

They are made up of a group of buds, with a very short distance between nodes. So you can see that clusters of flowers are formed.

The apical bud or also called the main tail , is the one that is located in the upper part of the stem and gives the plant a Christmas tree structure. Usually it has a larger size that makes it stand out from the others.

Also, the tail of small size unfold at the nodes. These can be located on the interior branches of the cannabis plant.

To be able to collect the flowers, you should know that not all the tails mature at the same time, since the apical bud that is in the upper part of the vine absorbs a large amount of light , so it is the one that develops first.

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Stigmas and pistils

Some growers also call them hairs, it can be said that it is the female reproductive organ of marijuana strains. This contains the ovaries and the style.

The shiny calyx pistil, which is a thread-like extension of the ovary, is called the stigma. The latter is a necessary element to collect the pollen released by male plants.

You can easily recognize it, the stigma is white and in the maturation phase it darkens until it takes on a red, orange, yellow and brown color. The main function of this component is to allow reproduction, but it also determines the maturity of the buds.


The size is microscopic, yet it is easy to notice the dense resin that CBD flowers contain. This component is secreted by the transparent glands in the form of a mushroom found in the stem, the crowns and the leaves.

In the beginning, the trichomes appear to protect the strains from possible diseases. These transparent lumps are where the terpenes are found, which are what define the aroma of CBD flowers and cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. It should be noted that hashish is manufactured with trichomes and resin.

On the other hand, it is important to know that growers easily know when they can collect CBD flowers thanks to the color of the trichomes, that is, if these are transparent, the production of cannabinoids is not ready . When they turn amber, the terpenes are present and the CBD Flowers are ready to be processed.

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Benefits that CBD Flowers offer you

The flowers with CBD have gone through rigorous studies before being classified unfit for human consumption. There have been several scientific studies which claim that the CBD containing, e s a cannabinoid that can be used by anyone, without fear of feeling the side effects that marijuana.

Although, what you can notice when using it is reduction of inflammation , relief of various pains. All this has led to recommend the use of CBD in athletes and for those who suffer from chronic pain or stress.

On the other hand, the use of these flowers have been of great help when they are used as a complement in different neurodegenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer's, some types of epilepsy and Parkinson's

It should be noted that both flowers and oils , hashish, gummies, and liquids, among other products that contain high CBD concentrates, are being used more frequently by people worldwide for their benefits and anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-epileptic properties. and anxiolytics.

Some of the uses of CBD flowers

As we told you, CBD flowers can be easily bought both in online stores and in growshop. They are increasingly required thanks to the fact that their use is safe and is composed of 100% natural elements.

It is important to note that flowers, creams and oils are in fashion. Not because of people's vanity, for saying they use a CBD product, but because of its impressive properties and the benefits it offers you. These are some of the uses for CBD.

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For muscle inflammation and as a pain reliever

It is one of the reasons why it is used more frequently. It is ideal for relieving chronic pain and inflammation , this is because CBD has components that work as receptors and the properties it contains help you regenerate muscles. For this reason, CBD flowers , creams and oils are increasingly used in aromatherapy, by massage therapists and physiotherapists .

As a soothing

The use of CBD flowers is perfect for calming stress and anxiety . Studies have shown that this element contributes to the release of different hormones such as serotonin and dopamine . In the long term, they solve different problems such as depression, anxiety and control the sleep disorder .

To put down the cigarette

Because CBD connects with neurotransmitters found in the brain, it acts as a relaxant. In this way, it helps to reduce stress levels that can be caused by nicotine dependence.

That is why this component is also of great help to stop smoking and using other drugs.

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For acne

As we already know, CBD is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it is used to improve skin conditions, especially the traumatic inflammation that occurs in the skin, which adolescents can suffer and which is somewhat annoying and embarrassing.

You can also use oil CBD, as this reduces considerably the content of fat in the skin, regenerates and especially the conserv to . Where do you find it? Of course, at FarmaCBD, we have CBD oils from the best brands on the market.

Other uses of CBD flowers

They can only be used for the aforementioned conditions, scientific studies have revealed that CBD flowers are of great help for asthma, cardiovascular diseases, obesity , controlling allergies, menopause, psoriasis, diabetes, Crohn's disease, Alzheimer's, dysfunction sexual, hepatitis, autism, multiple sclerosis, depression, parkinson's, among others

Why use CBD flowers?

Believe it or not, as the laws become more flexible regarding the use of CBD, the market is expanding all over the world. So it is not difficult to find a product made from CBD.

Nowadays it is easy to buy oils, edibles such as gum , gummies, candies . On the other hand, you find cosmetics , crystals, hashish, creams and even suppositories .

The flowers CBD is one of the most rapidly expanding product and can be found in different stores as FarmaCBD, different flavors and different levels so you can choose the one you like.

One of the main reasons why many users prefer to aromatize the environment with CBD flowers is that this component is absorbed quickly and in greater quantity by the body. This means that you can immediately take advantage of all its benefits without having to wait for the body to digest the product, as is the case with consumables.

In this way, CBD can be used in people of any age, since it does not produce psychoactive effects or severe side effects unless you use excessive amounts , it does not create dependence and if you want to suspend its use, you will not have to feel any symptoms of abstinence.

It is important to consider that today all health organisms affirm that prolonged exposure to smoke can affect the lungs . This is not a different problem, when using CBD flowers to aromatize if you use high combustion, which can cause damage to your body.

However, thanks to technology on the market you find a wide variety of vaporizers that do not produce smoke, they generate a vapor that brings the delicious aroma and benefits of CBD flowers to the environment.

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Other alternatives to using CBD

If you want to experiment with other ways to relieve the discomfort caused by a disease and enjoy the properties of CBD, but you don't like the idea of ​​using CBD flowers as a flavoring , you don't have to worry!

In the market you find other alternatives that can help you, such as hemp oil, which is one of the most used, since you can use it in your meals, administer it sublingually, add it to your favorite moisturizer, among other uses.

Another way to integrate CBD into your daily life is to use it in a cream, apply topically and can be found to improve the skin of some conditions or simply to give it shine and vitality, for inflammation or to relieve muscle pain.

You can also use CBD and enjoy its powerful qualities, with E liquids . It is a very fashionable product among young people today. You can also use it wherever and whenever you want and its effects are immediate.

Can you confidently buy the flowers that Farma CBD distributes?

Not only the CBD flowers that you find in the catalog of in our virtual store are legal. All the products we sell are allowed by the laws of Spain , so don't think twice and buy with confidence all the products you need for your well-being.

It is important to note that we have a team of expert professionals willing to offer you the best advice and support to solve all your doubts about legal maria flowers. You can contact us whenever you need using our contact form or by accessing the frequently asked questions section of our website.

We work for the health of our customers, that is why we have a wide variety of products that can help you improve your lifestyle. Try them and you will prove us right.

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