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CBD balms

CBD balms a revolution in the world of cosmetics Have you heard of them? Unlike creams and lotions, balms have a more pleasant texture due to their watery condition and easy absorption. Because they have this quality, and added to the fact that their formulation contains cannabidiol, they are highly recommended.

Many major brands in the world of cannabis have included countless balms with different combinations of ingredients in their product lines . In addition, these balms are rich in antioxidants and other elements that benefit the skin.

The balms CBD , and the like similar products have a significant current spread to the extent that have been discovered and verifying their properties. They are mainly used in cosmetics and to treat some skin conditions , but also as anti-inflammatory and relaxing.

These balms are recommended in the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Also as an analgesic to soothe joint pain in patients with signs of osteoarthritis and arthritis . It is also used by athletes and athletes who suffer muscle injuries, contusions or trauma.

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What's different about CBD balms?

Many questions arise around CBD balms , creams and / or lotions, because not everyone sees the differences at first glance. Obviously, the issue of consistency is somewhat obvious, the manufacturing methods and preparation are very different.

Unlike creams , balms are not emulsified. The preparation with oil after the addition of distilled water and infusion of calendula but, on the contrary, never hydrates.

Instead, cannabidiol oil is thickened by adding vegetable waxes and other fatty oils, which give it its oily characteristic. Truth be told, that unctuous nature is what some users love and others loathe.

Actually, if the balm is properly prepared and balanced, after a gentle massage on the skin it should absorb most of the solution, leaving the skin plump but not greasy. 

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How are CBD balms made?

There is a basic procedure to carry out the preparation of CBD balms. It is possible to speak of varying the way to obtain some of the components or the proportions to be used, but always following the same methodology.

To begin with, what gives rise to this possibility of having multiple variants is the way of obtaining the CBD oil. The main extraction modes, the most used are:

  • Edible oil
  • Liquid solvents
  • Carbon dioxide

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The first is the simplest and for this reason it is popular among artisan users.

In the case of CBD lip balms , the preparation varies a bit. Olive oil or coconut oil is generally used, due to its high content of fatty acids, and the raw material is the plants cut after flowering.

The leaves and seeds are discarded, keeping only the stems, which are left to dry. Subsequently, they are soaked for a while and then their components are extracted through a cooking process.

Hemp seeds are not strictly discarded except for this process. The logical thing is to preserve them for other uses and elaborations, including a possible future sowing. During cooking, the olive or coconut oil is added and the heat is maintained for a period of more than an hour, after which a highly condensed CBD oil will be obtained.

The oil thus obtained has a relatively poor stability, so it must be stored quickly in a cool and dry room and it is recommended to use it without delay.

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Cannabidiol Balms Oil

Next, it is convenient to carry out an oil purification process, which is carried out by filtering procedures that remove chlorophyll, some fats and other undesirable derivatives.

Before purification, the liquid is of a darker color and has a strong odor, but after passing through the filters, an oil of a lighter color and with a milder aroma is obtained, which denotes its higher degree of purity.

We continue with the description of the elaboration of the balm and then the remaining methods of extraction of the oil will be considered.

The substance used to thicken the CBD oil and achieve the higher density of the balm is beeswax, which also provides its intrinsic antiseptic, antibacterial and antibiotic properties.

This natural wax is melted and added to the purified oil, mixing to a balsamic consistency. In this stage, Vitamin E is also incorporated, which usually integrates these preparations.

When the final product is going to be destined for a vegan audience, it does not tolerate wax from insects. Other natural components that usually make up the formulation of the most used balms are: cocoa butter, sage or rosemary extract, Madagascar vanilla essential oil, shea butter, cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

These ingredients are intended to complement its basic properties or enhance some of its effects such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, relaxing, softening or healing.

In their commercial versions, the CBD balms include in their leaflets the details of all the components present in their formula, as well as the indication of the properties of CBD and the dosage in terms of dose, amounts and frequency of application.

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What are the processes used to make CBD balms?

We can now return to the ways of extracting CBD oil, of which only the first and simplest had been mentioned. The remaining two are usually industrial ways of obtaining it, since solvents and carbon dioxide must be handled.

Solvent extraction

Alcohols such as ethanol, butanol or propanol are generally used, in which the vegetable raw material is boiled to extract the CBD. The solution obtained is filtered and then, by means of a heat and vacuum procedure, the remaining solvent is eliminated until obtaining a broth concentrated in CBD.

This method has two major drawbacks: first, the brewed broth is rich in many other constituents different from cannabis, acquired by dragging, in addition to CBD. Second, working with high temperature solvents is potentially risky and dangerous.

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Carbon dioxide extraction

It is the preferred method of laboratories, since it allows to obtain a better quality oil. It is known that carbon dioxide (CO2) behaves like a gas at normal temperature and pressure and when it freezes it reaches a solid state, forming the so-called dry ice or carbon dioxide.

When its pressure and temperature rise above the so-called critical values, it presents an intermediate state between liquid and gaseous. Because it is a state reached in this way, it is called ” supercritical .” Under these conditions the fluid exhibits properties of both states and therefore behaves like a solvent.

The green matter is then immersed in a container, while an accumulator discharges the supercritical dioxide, forming a mixture. Finally, an element called a separator collects the conglomerate, removes carbon dioxide and isolates a pasty CBD extract.

This method has some advantages because it operates at lower temperatures than with cooking procedures and solvents, preserving the terpene content better and resulting in a more lavish oil in beneficial constituents.

The disadvantage that can be pointed out has to do with cost, since more sophisticated facilities and the technical direction of a professional chemist are required. In return, a better quality product is purchased.

Uses of CBD balms

CBD balms are used topically on the skin and applied with gentle, sustained massages until fully dermal absorption is achieved.

Due to their antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers, they are indicated to soothe joint and muscle pain, allergic reactions, burns, skin diseases such as dermatitis, herpes, psoriasis, acne and also as an antiseptic and stabilizer for people who have recently had tattoos.

In all cases, the effect of the balm is local, which is why it does not present contraindications, secondary consequences or risks of any kind.

It is also used in a cosmetic way to hydrate, restore shine and rejuvenate the skin. Many people use it simply to take advantage of its antioxidant and regenerative benefits for healthy skin.

At FarmaCBD we offer you a wide range of CBD with the best brands on the market, and at market prices. In our catalog you will find:

  • Beemine CBD Moisturizing Cream 10% Cannabidiol
  • Endoca Hemp Salve 250mg CBD
  • Enecta lip balm
  • India Cosmetics Lip Balm
  • CBD Formula Swiss Cherry Lipsticks
  • Formula Swiss CBD massage oil

As you may have seen, these are just some of them, so you have the possibility to choose the one you like the most or the one you really need according to your needs.

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