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CBD-Partner is the new affiliate marketing program specialized in the legal cannabis sector. Join the Farma CBD affiliate program and generate income while promoting this wonderful product. First of all, we want to welcome you to the best CBD affiliate program proposals offered by our website specialized in the sale of cannabidiol so that you can start generating your own profits.

A proposal that we make to you with the conviction that you yourself will begin to monetize without limits. We have full inventories of legal and certified products with hundreds of options, associates will have access to the best CBD products on the market and will be able to use our tools to be able to execute sales.

Likewise, throughout this process you will be able to count on all our experience, recommendations and thus earn money through affiliated purchases and programs. Do you want to be part of a team of winners? It’s your chance, take a look at the entire proposal.

Farma CBD Affiliates



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CBD Affiliates:  Advantages of our program


5% Sales Commission


15 days Cookie


5% Permanent Discount


Shipping in 24/48 hours


The largest catalog of CBD


Best brands in the sector

How does our CBD Affiliate program work?

If you have reached this line it is because you are interested in knowing our CBD Affiliate proposal , this satisfies us and gives us the opportunity to tell you a little about our affiliate program focused on the world of Cannabidiol:

Among the main advantages of our CBD affiliate program are:

  • Farma CBD Affiliates give you the opportunity to generate income on a recurring basis.
  • The affiliate does not need a physical presence, everything is done online, from anywhere in the world.
  • Farma CBD Affiliates gives you the opportunity to work from your own website.
  • It helps to diversify communication channels, since many people do not buy because they do not have time to investigate. If the solution is placed directly from your website, the client gets a better reach.
  • You can focus your efforts on the CBD niche. 
  • You do not have to take special courses or have a profession to be part of an affiliate program focused exclusively on Cannabidiol.
  • You start to see your earnings in the short term.
  • Farma CBD Affiliates do not require investments.
  • Farma CBD Affiliates is 100% free.


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Why join the Farma CBD Affiliate Program?

Our CBD affiliate program will pay you to redirect the links to the web. The system works the same as affiliate marketing programs , with the difference that you do not have to invest money or pay fees for the number of links. In general, you will not take a risk with your investment.

It is very simple, by joining you earn commission for each product you sell. Very easy! You do not have to protect products in your home or office, you will not have to place orders and collect from your buyers, much less go into debt. You just have to get the links to a greater number of people interested in CBD products.

The best programs focus on seeking to increase demand. We at Farma CBD have found a program that is profitable so that you can execute your sales any day of the year, without setting schedules. In this way, it is possible for people to make the purchase at the time they want.

Join our CBD affiliate program , and it will not only benefit you thanks to the credibility of our online store, but you will also create your new source of income with very little effort.

Advantages of Farma CBD Affiliates

By being a member of Farma CBD , everyone can enjoy the benefits. We have designed a strategy for your personal benefit, and that of your clients. They both get great deals on CBD products; and you receive cash for the purchases they make through your affiliate link. In addition, you have other benefits:

Many CBD Items = + Sales

If you look at our cannabidiol website you will realize that there are dozens of categories that house hundreds of products , and we are adding more and more inventories. Therefore, the chances for sales to increase are increasing.

Our alliances with the best brands of cannabis-based products have been strengthened to such an extent that manufacturers have chosen us to be the showcase for complete product lines. This is perfect, because interested people can buy everything they need in one place and that gives our CBD affiliates an advantage .

CBD affiliation network

Take advantage of your network

You don’t have to be a sales expert, marketer, or a master of technology to participate in the CBD affiliate program. Just copy and paste the code that we provide on your website, blog or email, and you’re done.

In general, people who need cannabidiol-based products use them for life and if they prove that we are your best option, you win for every purchase. You also have in your favor, that if they like the products they will immediately recommend it, which translates into more sales.

cannabidiol affiliation commissions

Earn a commission

Visitors who click on product links from your own website add commissions to you. For each product you sell, the 5% commission is paid on the price of the product without taxes. In addition, Farma CBD guarantees you 15 days of cookies and a permanent discount for your customers of 5%.

You can earn 5% in income, commissions and purchases attached to the CBD affiliate program . We have a competitive commission that will help you increase your income.

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At Farma CBD, the role of affiliates is of high importance to the company. For this reason, a special program has been included so that all transactions can be seen in real time. This makes it easy to see the visualizations along with the number of customers that are adding each day.

If you are an affiliate and accept the challenge, you yourself will evaluate your sales , you have access to metrics of the products with the highest demand , and of course, you will see the commissions earned for each sale.

earn money cannabidiol commissions


If you already have a time as a CBD affiliate and you see that you are exponentially multiplying your earnings, you can live only on this.  We have many affiliates who, like you, have started practically from scratch and have managed to generate high profits in a relatively short time.

In fact, we have recently received information from people who have taken up the challenge and are currently quitting their mediocre paying jobs to dedicate themselves fully to the CBD affiliate program. This is possible in the medium term, as long as you are convinced that you want to achieve it.


What does Farma CBD offer me as an affiliate?

Farma CBD is an online store that, although it has not been in the market for many years, has an excellent reputation. During the time that it has been installed in the Spanish market, it has managed to satisfy the needs of thousands of people who, like you, trust in the benefits of cannabidiol.

His work has been constant where we have advised and helped many people who have knocked on the door in the search for a real solution to their problems. On the other hand, through the site we have dedicated ourselves to keeping the inventories as equipped as possible so that they can find the ones they are looking for in the same place .

The idea of ​​launching this CBD affiliate program is to open the way to a market that still has a long way to go to exploit. At the same time, it is intended to give way to all those who want to undertake or who wish to add CBD-based products to their website.

The intention is that the remuneration of our affiliates is carried out in the most transparent and fair way possible, the priority is to sell more and to increase the number of satisfied customers.

If we analyze it based on the advantages of online stores, we currently offer the affiliate:

Si lo analizamos en base a las ventajas propias de las tiendas online, le ofrecemos al afiliado actualmente:

todas las marcas de cannabidiol del mundo

Affiliated to the leading brands in the CBD market

We work with the most recognized manufacturers of products in the European and Spanish market. Many of these companies have special recognition for the way they treat their raw materials. On the other hand, all crops are managed organically, benefiting the environment.

Among the brands that you will find in our inventories, the following stand out:

categorias de productos afiliados cannabis

Wide Product Categories

Within the CBD affiliate program, all the information that you review on each product is included. Therefore, you can categorize within the web all the products that you want to distribute. In this way, it is easier for you to decide which products you are going to link. For example, if you work in the cosmetics field, you can go to the category of creams, balms, after sun, lip stick, among others. You have the possibility to enter the following categories:

programa afiliados cbd

Leaders in the CBD market

While it is true that Farma CBD is not the only online store that is available in the market, it is also a reality that it is a current reference in the medical marijuana market. It has already left, spreading the word and daily there has been an increase in demand, this has been evident in the number of new customers.

On the other hand, these customers have become loyal to the online store making it clear that we are the option for the distribution of their CBD products. We have also seen that the cosmetic CBD line has had an impressive growth, without leaving aside athletes and people who have adopted a fitness lifestyle.

ganar comision afiliados cannabidiol

Join a company that sells

Every day at Farma CBD, hundreds of orders are shipped and many of them carry two or more products. And this trend continues because many clients prefer us exclusively.

Our goal is to make it easy to shop for CBD products online so that customers don’t have to go from page to page looking for what they need.

With a large stock, we have managed to lead the market of stores specialized in the sale of cannabis.

afiliados cbd marketing espana

Greater variety of products

At Farma CBD you will always find something new. Fortunately, we keep up with new product launches. Each manufacturer trusts us and keeps us informed of what is new they bring to the market, we immediately place the order and it is placed in the virtual showcase.

In such a way, customers do not have to spend days searching or simply do not find out that there are other products available. Suppliers are increasingly interested in us being distributors of their products because they too see the results of the sales.

On the other hand, new brands or distributors that are not yet well recognized are interested in our portal to publicize their products. Like the brands that are already part of the house, they do not miss the opportunity to sell their products on a large scale through our online pharmacy.

negocio afiliacion cbd cannabis legal

Excellent opinions

Finally, we are pleased to inform you that the response from users is highly gratifying. The comments on the web are great, we have a lot of pleased customers and the ratings remain between 4 and 5 stars.

Many customers express appreciation, referring to the excellence of the products, the personalized attention and the effectiveness of the shipments. This type of recommendation means that more and more people trust our online pharmacy.

One point in our favor is that we do not work with intermediaries, but we go directly to the source. That is why many of our products have lower prices than in other stores. This allows us to consistently deliver promotions, discounts, and deals – and customers love it!

Frequently asked questions about our CBD Affiliate Program

How does the CBD affiliate program work?

When you enter the CBD affiliate program you will have access to the entire online catalog, through a link you make purchases and you immediately get your commission. If you want more information Click here.

How can I participate in this Affiliation program?

If you are an entrepreneur or have a website available, you can promote all cannabidiol-based products, and make them known to your customers. To be part of the CBD affiliate program, you just have to fill out the form that we have attached to this page and we will contact you immediately.

How often are commissions charged?

The commissions are paid between the 1st and 5th of each month.

How much money can I earn through the CBD affiliate program?

We cannot tell you the exact amount you are going to win. However, we can tell you that the earnings have no limits. You will receive depending on the purchases, and the calculation is made based on the price without taxes and the product that the customer has chosen.

Remember that you are not going to invest your own money, your job will be to make the sales and promote the products. For you everything is going to be profit, we have established a commission of 5% for each product you sell.

What CBD products do I have at my disposal?

All the products that are displayed on the web, in the quantities that the client wishes. Even if you come across a customer who wants to buy more than 12 or more items of each, they can do so with complete freedom.

What do other affiliates think?

The response from CBD affiliates has been positive. We are very pleased at Farma CBD with the receptiveness of both affiliates and customers who have joined the program.

We have seen how people who started just a short time ago are already seeing their earnings and there has been an enthusiasm that benefits not only the store but also its representatives.

You have the last word, we at Farma CBD invite you to be part of the CBD affiliate program dedicated to people who want to achieve financial independence. For more information , contact us!