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iJoint is a brand that offers you a wide variety of products made with a high concentration of CBD, perfect for taking care of your body. They are defined as a concept store, which is dedicated to selling organic products and all their derivatives.
All the products in iJoint are made through the extraction of 100% organic and natural hemp which is produced in its own facilities by its excellent professionals.
The wide variety of their products contain high-quality CBD, since they are totally natural and above all THC-free. For this reason, they are totally suitable for daily use, always following the recommendations of specialists in the field.

iJoint and its CBD products

The products CBD are of high quality, for this reason iJoint is a supplier of the most recognized brands in Spain CBD . These products are used by important figures throughout the national territory, who make various personalized orders.
This is a company that has physical stores in Malaga, Coruña and Irún where you can purchase their great diversity in high quality products. In addition, you can buy their CBD products online. In this way, you can have a great product without having to travel.
Remember that CBD products are a success, do not wait any longer! Acquire all the benefits they provide.

How do you get iJoint CBD?

Obtaining a high-quality CBD depends on many factors such as having a unique control . Full of foundation and discipline on the part of each of the specialists who perform it.
Therefore, all iJoint products are made with hemp grown by its professionals, which is extracted by ultrasound and is free of harmful chemical components that would affect the potential of these products.
The whole process is done in 3 steps, which are:

Hemp cultivation: It is the beginning of the process where the hemp plants are carefully selected. It is verified that they are richer in terpenes and cannabinoids.
CBD extraction: All CBD products in iJoint are made using ultrasound extraction techniques, which are applied from the main plant, so all its properties can be obtained.
Manufacture of CBD: After the entire process of cultivation and extraction of the best CBD, each batch is tested, verifying its content and purity. In this way, it is guaranteed to be a high-level product.

IJoint Stores

iJoint has grown by leaps and bounds, so much so that it owns some franchises in different communities in Spain. Its growshops have gained popularity in this country, which is why they are highly visited by people who like to use products made with hemp.
They have specialized personnel in the area that can help you clarify any doubts you may have about their products.
On the other hand, they have their own online store where you can find all the products that they make and as if that were not enough, they distribute them so that they can be available to consumers.
But without a doubt, the best way to obtain the products of this brand is in our online store FarmaCBD . You find the best products of this brand at incredible prices, so don't miss this opportunity to buy what you need from your home.

Some iJoint products

Ijoint offers its customers a wide variety of products ranging from skin care to products dedicated to improving the discomfort that some conditions can cause.

IJoint hemp flowers

The hemp flowers are treated by a hemp plant with various properties. Which allow its use to contribute to many treatments, offering great benefits.
The entire process of its production, from cultivation to manufacture, is kept in constant and strict care. This in order to guarantee that the hemp product has the best properties.
The hemp flowers grown in iJoint have characteristics that make them one of the most recognized on the market.
Some main characteristics of iJoint hemp flowers are the following:

Their crops are totally organic.
They are certified producers of seeds and live plants of Cannabis sativa L.
For its elaboration they do not use chemical components or pesticides.
The flowers and buds go through a process in which their handling is totally correct.
Hemp is cultivated from self-produced genetics.
The drying process is completely natural.
Only the richest CBD flowers are selected for packaging and subsequent sale.
They have an aroma that reflects all their properties.

IJoint Hemp Oil

The oil CBD is a 100% organic product that does not provide any effect psychoactive and addictive. It is important to note that thanks to its components it has become a product that offers many positive effects to people who use it.
Its properties include its great relaxing effect, which is highly recommended for treating anxiety and stress problems . Also, it is used to alleviate inflammations caused by diseases or injuries.
This CBD product minimizes the effects of blood clotting and improves cholesterol levels in the body.

IJoint hemp cream

In iJoint it has a hemp cream with multiple nutrients and that provides great benefits such as:

Moisturizing effect: Hemp has a high hydration power, which is one of its main characteristics . Through its components such as omega 3 and 6, they maintain moisture in the skin.
Soothing effects: This cannabidiol product is recommended to treat sensitive or irritated skin, thus calming itching and the sensation of pain.
Anti-inflammatory: Its properties include its high anti-inflammatory power , perfect for treating atopic dermatitis.
Antioxidants: It is a CBD product rich in phenolic acid and vitamin E , protecting the skin from aggressions from environmental pollution.

Remember that these CBD products not only help relieve pain, but also support a natural healing process.

Confectionary iJoint

One of the most innovative products of this distinguished brand is the CBD-based sweets. Yes sweets! But beware they are not for children.
This brand has made gummies , chocolate and candies of different flavors so that you avoid the bitter taste of hemp. But with the same concentrations of the oils and flowers. So the effect they produce is almost immediate.

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