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Harmony CBD

Talking about CBD Harmony is synonymous with quality in Spain and many parts of the planet. These products are highly recognized in the cannabis world and have a wide variety of options.
They are manufacturers of CBD extracts and the pioneers of many of the vaping liquids sold today. An international company that has found potential clients in the European market to sell its extraordinary products.
They specialize most of all in vaping products with extraordinary aromas. While they offer the typical flavors you get used to, they also have an exclusive range created just by the brand available.
Their focus has been clear in all this time and they have positioned themselves as one of the best liquids with CBD for Electronic cigarettes, rolling papers and vapers. CBD Harmony is recognized not only for the products, but because they handle a high percentage of distributors who have done an excellent job to get you to know the brand.
There is a lot to talk about about the brand, in the first place they have been manufacturers of products all based on CBD for 8 years. But they've actually been doing a lot more research to become one of the best brands today. For 12 uninterrupted years, they have created wonders and been a great contributor to the cannabis market.

CBD Harmony, a little history ...

The beginnings of Harmony were seen in 2008, perhaps a little earlier. Antonio Cohen was one of the founders of the brand and began to do his research in Barcelona - Spain. As the years passed, he focused on researching more and more about cannabis, strains and everything related to the properties of cannabidiol.
Harmony has evolved and little by little new offices were opened in Lima, London and Paris. Cohen, was involved in important investigations and closely related in the middle. Among other contributions, he was the co-founder of a non-profit organization in France.
Cohen has spent part of his career sneaking around with many scientists who, like him, were passionate about cannabis . This character's efforts became tangible in 2014, when CBD Harmony hit the market with its first product.
Obviously, all these years he has continued to innovate and work outside the law. For something, the brand has become one of the most stable companies in the market for CBD and its derivative products.
As time passes, more is said about its internationalization, and quality is recognized. In the next few years CBD Harmony insurance will be in the first place in other markets.

What is the relationship of FarmaCBD and CBD Harmony?

FarmaCBD is characterized by being a company that works with the best distributors in the world , and knowing what CBD Harmony means in the market, it was impossible not to include them.
As a specialized store in the field, we have decided to merge with this brand so that customers receive only the best . For this reason, you will see many Harmony products at promotional prices throughout our options.
Being experts in the field, CBD Harmony has taught us a lot about what legal vaping products can be used. It also gives people who use it the opportunity to obtain quality and add a little cannabis to their daily doses.
Likewise, at FarmaCBD, by joining with a company with excellent distribution capacity, we guarantee that the demand can be met . Therefore, if you want to order more, we guarantee availability.
There are many reasons why FarmaCBD assumes this commitment, and manages to strengthen alliances to give customers only the best.
Taking advantage of the properties of CBD with top quality articles is in our hands and we put it at your fingertips with just one click. Remember that when making your purchase you have the option of fast shipping and many payment methods.

CBD Harmony Products

At the beginning we told you that CBD Harmony has a wide range of options for vaping, but they are not handled in that market only. They also have a line of CBD oils and crystals. Join us! Let's see some of the products that are available in the market:

Harmony CBD Cannabis Originals

This range of liquids is one of the best-selling in the world. Its success lies in the fact that the production process has extracted the necessary amount of terpenes , so that the aroma and flavor of each strain is maintained . Thus managing to exploit the qualities of each plant without losing that aroma that characterizes cannabis.
In this line of products it is possible to find concentrations ranging from 30 mg and 600 mg and a density of PG 80 VG 20. It should be noted that each aroma has different presentations, therefore, you must read well what you want to that you give just what you need.
Each flavor has its own special charm. We invite you to know the best sellers:

Super Lemon Haze: an intense lemon scent that leaves a pleasant smell in the room
Mango Kush CBD: This scent is described by repeat buyers of this scent as a walk on the beach. A very pleasant and fresh smell, ideal for the summer.
OG Kush CBD: a very special aroma, when using it you feel notes of washing and pine with earthy touches. The experience is highly rewarding, when it comes into contact with the heat, the smell of wet earth is perceived that many love.
Exodus Cheese: this aroma is the favorite of the true connoisseurs of the strain. Its origin dates back to the 90s and since then its receptivity has been incredible. Obviously, the smell of aged cheese, spiced with spicy notes is not very traditional, but it has many fans.

Advantages of CBD Harmony liquids

Aromas awarded worldwide.

Exotic and refreshing flavors.
They come with myrcene concentration.
Different presentations.
Concentrations for all tastes.
Natural terpenes.
They do not contain nicotine.
They are not stimulating nor do they have psychoactive effects .

CBD Harmony - Crystals
CBD Harmony and its range of crystals is one of the most popular on the market. The way the cannabidiol is extracted and the whole process make the result more than incredible.
What stands out the most about these products is that they are 100% organic. And that has been certified by the European Union who is in charge of issuing the relevant legal documentation . Obviously, there is no solvent participation or additives in the process and everything is done with the ultrasonic cavitation method.
As you know, these crystals dissolve in creams or in the same liquids to obtain a high quality and more powerful mixture of the strain of your choice.

Why choose Harmony crystals?
When it comes to CBD Harmony, you can't put crystals aside. These s on highly sought after by people who believe faithfully in their properties and benefits.
Studies have shown that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps with bone regeneration. Therefore, they are used to treat chronic ailments and improve moods a bit.
Containing the regulatory, legal THC concentration and being of organic origin, Harmony CBD crystals are reliable. So that the use will not have a buzz or hallucinations, or anything like that . You just start to feel the regenerating and relaxing effects that a THC of 0.2 to 0.6% allows you.
Furthermore, Harmony sells pure CBD isolate powders that are derived from industrial hemp.

CBD oil

A brand like CBD Harmony had to include a wonderful line of CBD-based oils in their catalogs . Like other brands, they are made by maintaining all the processes in order to obtain a quality oil. However, the oil Harmony is made with premium ingredients and make great fusions with other ingredients . They also have the following characteristics:

You can find them available in different presentations.
Depending on the packaging, there are concentrations ranging from 100 to 3000 mg.
Each container is identified with a QR code that allows you to verify the purity, certification and other details of the product in the laboratory.
Light density.
Nice smell.
In the case of oils suitable for consumption, they have a variety of flavors, the bitter taste that characterizes cannabis is somewhat hidden.

CBD Harmony - Oils
Products of this type include:

CBD peppermint spray.
Citrus CBD spray.
Natural CBD oil dropper.
Natural CBD spray.

Harmony CBD oils are made with other ingredients that enhance their properties . Among those that stand out: hemp seed oil, olive oil or coconut oil MCT. In addition to cannabinoids like CBG and terpenes.
The combination of these oils optimizes the benefits.

CBD Harmony Skincare Line
CBD Harmony's skincare line is beyond excellent. They cover many areas of the body and are available at a great price . On the other hand, they adjust to all kinds of needs and their use varies according to skin and age.
Among its range of products we find:


Body creams.
CBD Skin Meditation Muscle Balm
CBD Serumony Facial Oil

Among the ingredients found in their formulas you can come across jojoba seed oils, vitamins B, C and E, coconut oil and other trace elements. In relation to prices, depending on the product, you have a price range that goes from $ 5 to $ 25 depending on what is chosen.

CBD Harmony - Pen and Pod Vaporizer

Being a leader in the vaping market, of course it had to include a vaping device.
What stands out the most about this new CBD Harmony vaporizer is that it has a capacity for 500 inhalations, much more than others from the competition. In addition, the pen-shaped design, size, comfort and discretion it offers are highly valued.
You can also find a beginner vaping kit that contains 3 pods. These come pre-loaded with 106mg of your favorite scent and ready to vape. It is almost the same size as a vape but a little smaller.
All CBD Harmony vapers share the following features:

Discreet devices.
Advanced vapers.
Fit in a pocket
Produce strong steam
They retain the flavor and aroma at all times.
It does not give surprise hits.
Low smoke concentration
Fast charge.

E liquid CBD Harmony

CBD Harmony is the manufacturer of some of the best e liquids on the market . They have high concentrations and include terpenes from the most famous and legendary cannabis strains. With these e liquid you will find the healthiest and most effective way to use CBD.
You find these E liquid CBD Harmony in different aromas, such as:

OG Kush Harmony E liquid CBD
Super Lemon Haze Harmony E liquid CBD
Mango Kush Harmony E liquid CBD
Pink Lemonade Harmony E liquid CBD
Strawberry Hemp Harmony E liquid CBD
Moroccan Mint Harmony E liquid CBD
Pineapple Express Harmony E liquid CBD

Why choose Harmony CBD products?

In a market where competition is apparently not one of your biggest problems, CBD Harmony has a huge advantage . Not only because its popularity is due to the excellence of its products, but because the quality is indisputable . In addition, the prices that this brand manages are accessible and are in all authorized online and physical stores.
On the other hand, the range of products that they currently have adapt to all the needs of their loyal buyers and offer much more.
There are many reasons for choosing CBD Harmony products, among which the following stand out:

Natural products
Much has been said that natural products are not all 100% safe. This is because in the process they use some chemicals to eradicate pests or improve plant crops.
However, Harmony has been very careful with the processes and stays away from anything that is not natural. So, CBD flowers and plants in all their stages grow naturally and without agents that alter their composition, color, aroma.
Harmony offers a clean culture, with recommended techniques and totally free of toxins.

Safe production
When it comes to safe production, CBD Harmony has the upper hand. All its processes have the due certification, and are managed under the strictest quality standards. This is because many of the formulas used have gone through years of research and the high quality must be kept intact.
Also, being such a popular brand it is in the eye of a hurricane and must maintain its certifications when going to market. In fact, this is one of the reasons they are in the FarmaCBD catalog.
Do not forget that in our online store we only work with the best in the market, with high quality products that you can obtain at the best price.

Very high quality
Something that is not disputed when referring to Harmony is the quality of the products. By having good raw material and handling clean and flawless processes, only excellent results are obtained.
On the other hand, distributions are handled very well and logistics places the products within everyone's reach. Also, one of the benefits of buying these products from that brand is the price / value ratio.

CBD Harmony buyer reviews

Throughout the research we have done at FarmaCBD to recommend CBD Harmony products, we have come across positive feedback .
The number of people who appreciate each of the products is pleasantly surprising, and in many cases make exclusive use of the brand.
Comments such as the sensation of its aromas, the effects and the experience when vaping are echoed in multiple platforms and online stores. On the other hand, the fact that you can vape without being high all day is highly appreciated, since the amount of THC it contains is not to give highs.
Phrases such as "extremely pleasant", "does not give a high", "allows me to vape constantly" are often seen . Also, many people who used to smoke cigarettes, have reduced the risks of lung disease and appreciate that the intake of nicotine has already decreased.
To complete the variety of aromas, the preference of customers leans towards the brand. And it is not for less, with such a wide and unusual variety it could not be otherwise.

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