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Enecta is a brand of high quality CBD products. Their products are of the highest quality and purity, trying to give a better vision to cannabis.
Enecta has a group of workers, highly competitive and specialized professionals, which is made up of growers, scientists, botanists and educators.
Who also endorse the use of cannabidiol properties for therapeutic purposes.
Thus providing the market with natural extracts from hemp with a large number of natural molecules.
Enecta is known nationally for its extensive monitoring of the entire production process that goes from the first seed to the final extraction and thus guarantees accessible products as well as the highest quality.
It is sometimes difficult to identify in different markets thanks to its wide variety of CBD products currently marketed.

Enecta currently specializes in the development of oils and creams

Rich in cannabidiol and developed in four new different concentrations, which are: 300 - 1000 - 2400 mg (10 ml) and 3000 mg of CBD (30ml) manufactured on Italian soil in its entirety.
Ingredients for the production of C Enecta oil. (30 ml bottle)
Hemp oil, 3000 mg of cannabidiol which is the psychoactive component (NO) of the cannabis plant and natural tocopherols.
The ingredients in (C3000) come primarily from cannabis sativa L. cultivars . with (THC).
But as long as it has the limits allowed by law, in order to preserve the health of our clients and minimize the possibility of any psychoactive symptoms.
Its production derives from plants grown by specialized personnel, who are prohibited by company regulations from using pesticides.
Improving the extraction to later be bottled and taken to plants that follow more efficient, strict and safe pharmaceutical regulations.
Enecta requires its specialists to carry out recurrent analyzes in third-party laboratories in order to certify that the ( CBD hemp oil ) is 100% free of pesticides and heavy metals.
In the same way, analyze if it is rich in natural components of the plant, such as:

Phyto cannabinoids (CBD, CBN).
Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
Vitamin E.
Naturally cold-pressed hemp.

Enecta represents one of the most reliable brands currently in the field of phytocannabinoids worldwide but mainly in Europe.
Thanks to his perseverance in complying with the creation of a disciplined and innovative network.
Able to follow each of the production phases in great detail, thus achieving the union of different components of the plant.

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