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Endoca is a brand dedicated primarily to researching and developing cannabidiol-based products .
It was founded with the purpose of helping to balance the human endocannabinoid system by creating innovative products accessible to everyone, thus becoming a globally recognized company.
All products manufactured Endoca are made of hemp high purity and high quality . Among the main ones, the CBD oil stands out , which is made organically, maintaining each of the original properties of the plant and thus allowing all people to access to enjoy the benefits of CBD .
In addition also they specialize in developing products with other cannabinoids , taking advantage of 100% t ll benefits provided by over 80 different types that exist throughout nature.

The Origin of Endoca

It is a company founded by Henry Vincenty who dedicated decades of his life in the search for functional organic medicines. After many years of sacrifice and research, he discovered that hemp had components that alleviated many common ailments.
Through his science training and extensive knowledge he was able to extract the oil from the hemp plant. In this way, he was able to produce products that contribute to the relief of many diseases.
Henry Vincenty and his family are recognized as specialists in the cultivation of hemp, producing for decades the best hemp oil in the world.
Also known as industrial hemp, it is a strain of the cannabis plant that contains low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) . Thus allowing that through its extraction natural products are created without psychoactive effects .
It is important to note that the hemp plant is one of the first cultivated by man more than 10,000 years ago and is harvested for its fibers and seeds.
Always keep in mind that the best quality products are created at Endoca and come with a guarantee that was built through many years of successful work.

Endoca today

As we have stated, Endoca is a company whose function is the manufacture of CBD-based products. This takes place, through the extraction of the properties contained in the organic cannabis plant better known as hemp.
These are certified and grown in a totally natural way, that is, without herbicides or pesticides . Endoca has its own seed bank and a delicate breeding and cultivation program.
It is a program in which the whole process is carried out, this is how they grow the plants, harvest them and process the hemp. All this through a strict quality control that guarantees that the process is a success.
Even though hemp has long been forgotten at Endoca they concentrated on growing. I build its own tools and equipment that allow it to be currently the most recognized company in this area of ​​products.

Endoca culture

This company has collectors who carry out their work with natural compounds, thus ensuring the care of the environment in which they work.
In addition, the methods for reproduction are organic through the CO2 of the air that is breathed, avoiding the use of chemicals and solvents harmful to health.
It should be noted that this is a company that is determined to take care of the health of people and the environment, complying with each protocol properly to achieve it.
For this, they have a team of professionals who grow every day through studies , practices and work in order to offer high quality products.

Other qualities of Endoca crops

All the components left over from the production of their products are used as feed for livestock . Since they contain small amounts of CBD that help reduce the need for antibiotics.
Any waste that cannot be used is turned into biogas , which can be used to produce electricity or heating.
In Endoca working delicately on the establishment of a sustainable village that covers the entire manufacturing site to be 100% organic and independent.
They are currently developing their own packaging using hemp fibers to reduce pollution caused by paper and plastic production processes.
The inks and dyes that are used will be products of totally natural origin , thus demonstrating that it is a company committed to the environment.
In addition to everything mentioned, it is a company that wants to go further. For that they have the purpose of starting to use solar energy as a source of all their facilities.
Thus achieving that its entire process is 100% sustainable and giving a strong message, so that everyone unites in the goal of making this world a healthier place.

Endoca quality control process

Despite the fact that in the CBD industry there are many difficulties for public laboratories to collect reliable test results, at Endoca this issue is a priority, which is why it invests a large part of resources to carry out effective quality controls.
They constantly try to improve their production , by creating CBD products verified by various processes that guarantee their high quality.
Unfortunately, in the market there are many products made with pesticides, herbicides, fungi and myco-toxins dangerous for humanity and the environment and this is what this company has avoided doing.
At Endoca they have high-tech equipment and various quality control processes that guarantee that their products are totally safe, healthy and reliable.

High-tech tools together with the passion of always

Endoca carries out its processes with the best technology of the latest generation . This is done in conjunction with fundamental quality control, which allows them to make CBD-rich hemp products.
Additionally, they take full advantage of each of the exceptional components that nature and science offer.
Each of the production processes strictly follows GMP standards . Non-GMO organic hemp crops are specially selected by a highly committed and dedicated professional staff, to then be harvested using state-of-the-art tools.
It is very important to note that each batch of CBD products is tested using laboratory technology, which ensures that they are totally free of toxins, free of contamination and contain a very high quality.

Endoca in the future

It is a company that currently cultivates more than 8,000 hectares of hemp in organic areas.
Also, they have built a factory that is above pharmaceutical standards . This has enabled Endoca to continue to maintain consumer safety, thus fulfilling its top priority.
Thanks to all the processes carried out, they ensure that the product they offer is totally organic and safe for all types of people , managing to cover a large number of public.
Endoca is a company that started from the bottom and has grown steadily becoming today a business that houses more than 100 employees, working delicately to make the process from seed to production of the cannabidiol product a success.
In addition, they strive hard so that the products and all the benefits that CBD offers are present in every corner of the world , maintaining the same level of quality guaranteed for each of their consumers to experience its purity.

Products offered by Endoca

Endoca undoubtedly offers you high quality products, that is why it is one of the brands that we offer in our online store. Among its product catalog you will find:

CBD oil

Endoca offers you CBD oils and raw CBD oil. They can be used with the sublingual method. They help you balance the endocabinidal system. These are some of them:

CBD drops (15%)
CBD drops (15%)
CBD drops (3%)
CBD drops (3%)
Chocolate mint CBD oil 150 mg CBD / ml
Chocolate mint CBD oil 30 mg CBD / ml

CBD-based capsules

This is one of the best options to use CBD, since each of them contain the same dose, therefore you know how much CBD you are using. They are also easy to swallow and digest. Look at what this brand has for you:

15% CBD capsules.
CBD Capsules 15%.
CBD Capsules 30%
CBD Capsules 30%.

For skin care

One of the things that women like the most is taking care of their skin, which is why this brand has focused on developing products that help you improve your appearance. To these creams in addition to containing CBD, other ingredients such as coconut, vanilla and Shea have been added.

CBD face and body oil 30mg CBD / ml
CBD 15% body cream.
Hemp Balm (750mg CBD)
Lip and skin balm (150 mg CBD)
Among others.

CBD suppositories

The effect produced by suppositories is fast effective. It is the perfect solution if what you are looking for is a fast absorbing product and if you do not like the bitter taste of CBD
CBD Suppositories (500mg Raw CBD)

Chewing gums

It is a product that is in fashion, it contains a high concentration of CBD, which allows you to enjoy the properties and benefits of cannabidiol.
Endoca CBD gum 100mg


They are ideal to use with vaporizers and give the room a touch of relaxation, so you can forget about the stress of the day.
Endoca Himalayan CBD Flower 3 grs
These Endoca brand products and other recognized brands are at your complete disposal in our FarmaCBD online store. Do not hesitate to visit us and buy the products offered by this renowned brand at the best market price.

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