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Cannayuda is a very professional, young and dynamic company that was created by experts who have extensive experience in the world of Cannabis.
In addition, they have been working for many years on various projects with associations and patients throughout Europe, placing a real emphasis on the scientific dissemination of the wide benefits that this incredible cannabinoid has .
Keep in mind that this experience they have accumulated over the years has allowed them to offer an efficient and specific service for each type of client.
Cannayuda's scientific advisors are very prepared to answer any concerns that may arise about the use of hemp .

Using organic hemp in Cannayuda

The cannabis or hemp plant is one of the best plant spices that have been linked to the development of human civilization. Also, it has been widely used for millennia, throughout the world, thanks to its extensive medicinal properties.
Currently, the use of cannabis for therapeutic and medicinal purposes is increasing considerably. In addition, there are not a few countries that are beginning to regulate its consumption and sale.
Another use of this natural ingredient is textiles, since it has resistant fibers, which are really ideal for making clothes and ropes. In fact, it works perfectly for crafting building materials .
On the other hand, hemp seeds are the most complete plant food that nature offers us. This is because it contains a high percentage of proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and 6.
From Cannayuda they have proposed the goal of bringing the incredible properties and medicinal qualities that CBD has to people of all ages and who have any type of physical condition.
Cannayuda has people committed to a healthier life and in accordance with the values ​​of respect for nature.
The mission of the brand is to be able to get customers to fully enjoy the broad benefits of cannabidiol , in the most effective and safe way possible.
To achieve this goal, they have a multidisciplinary team of the highest level, which works continuously and with effort so that you can buy the best CBD oil , which right now can be purchased in the Spanish market.

Cannayuda quality control

At Cannayuda they work firmly in order to offer the most professional natural products with a good percentage of CBD . To do this, they follow strict protocols and quality controls in each phase of the production process.
In cannayuda they make sure to make cbd products that maintain total freshness and their medicinal properties intact.
Cannayuda cultivates hemp based on ancient traditional techniques and transforms it into a broad spectrum cbd oil with all its cannabinoids and terpenes intact. And, of course, with a low THC content to avoid the so-called Cannabis plant high .
To achieve this, the brand uses the best and latest technology to carry out extraction, purification, packaging and storage methods.
The main objective of the brand is to bring you the best cbd from the field to your home, fully respecting the environment.
Its oil and ranges of creams for pain and inflammation contain only natural ingredients of the highest quality. Which have been tested in the company's laboratory.
For its part, the hemp extract used comes from certified organic crops free of heavy metals, in which no type of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals have been used.
Its entire range of products can be purchased safely and quickly in our online store .
This company knows how important health and well-being is for you, so they work continuously in the process of new safe, effective CBD products that can be used by any type of person with specific specifications.
Their products also do not have adverse effects, nor are they toxic to the body and without addictions or dependence. They only have the best cannabidiol , with really competitive prices and with the Cannayuda seal of quality .

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