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Annabis is a company dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and producing various lines of hemp-based products with high quality assurance.
Unlike other companies in the industry, this one is dedicated to conducting its own experiments, and they are creating master formulas that turn the cannabis world upside down. They are not just a cosmetic company, in our opinion it is one of the most complete laboratories in Spain.
They have the collaboration of a group of scientists, doctors and cosmetic experts to benefit anyone who has skin problems. Also the products have diverse uses, such as analgesics, anti - inflammatory , healing and tissue regeneration, among others.
Annabis is a specialized, professional organization focused on the health and well-being of everyone who uses its products. In addition, they maintain a tendency towards ecology and protection of the environment, due to the fact that they implement methods and techniques in order to guarantee the good management of resources. They also focus on disposing of waste in such a way that there is no percentage of contamination.
Among other things, it has a wide catalog that offers natural and organic products suitable for any type of skin . Providing the skin with a high degree of hydration and a calming relief from itching or in places of constant inflammation.
There is no doubt that Annabis is a Spanish stronghold, and the way they talk about their products simply translates into excellent quality.

Annabis product features

The founders of Annabis are pleased with all that they have accomplished over the years. Although many believe that they belong to the cosmetic market , in reality they have been expanding to provide multiple benefits to medical marijuana therapies.
Do you want to know the general characteristics of their products? We show you the ones that stand out the most:

Most of the products are intended for all skin types . However, all of them can be used for hypersensitive skin, they can even be used by babies from 0 months.
These products meet the standards of the natural cosmetics certificate, which means that they are allowed to be used by children from 0 to 3 years of age.
They are for cosmetic use, and have no psychoactive or secondary effects .
Its preparation is done under supervised techniques that certify its legality.
It does not contain any type of chemical preservatives or parabens.
Regardless of the line you choose, all the products are free of silicones and sulfites.
Natural certificate CPK.
They come from organic crops, where no chemicals are involved.
Not tested on animals.
They have unique formulas fused with other ingredients, and of course made with high purity hemp oil.
They are products with watery textures, not sticky and easily absorbed.

Benefits of Annabis products

Said this feature, we could not pass the opportunity to talk a little about the benefits of Annabis products. Although not all contain the same formula, they mostly offer:

Among the properties of the hemp plant, its healing, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects can be highlighted. These help improve people's quality of life, and alleviate many of the symptoms of chronic diseases.
On the other hand, they make a significant contribution to the skin because they have fatty acids that hydrate the skin and at the same time tone . It is also highlighted that when in contact with the skin they leave a soft and very pleasant sensation.
They help to improve the appearance of the skin, especially when you have suffered from psoriasis , acne or eczema .
They are highly effective in relieving muscle aches, inflammations and irritations caused by external agents, and / or other highly abrasive drugs.

What products does Annabis offer?
Annabis is one of the brands that has categorized products, that is, you can find several lines with different products with different uses. Incredible! These are:

Relief and massage
This category includes a food supplement that is special for joint care. The gels based on Omega 3-6 from hemp and flax seed extract also stand out. The products are:

Arthrocann hemp gel with colloidal silver , special to relax muscles
Arthrocann in Maxi format. Ideal for athletes, physiotherapies and professional use.
Arthrocann Heat Effect 75ml for faster relief, whose ingredient that stands out the most is Capsaicin.
Various CBD oils in various It is presented for dry or irritated skin and hydrates naturally. These oils can even be used for hair.
Organic balms such as Dolorcann Annabis , Hemp Gel Annabis 300 ml natural gel or with camphor.
Menthol creams, among which stand out: Menthol Hemp Gel Annabis 200ml cold effect and Menthol Hemp Gel cold effect Maxi. Both highly recommended for frictions, sprains and / or fractures.

Bath and shower
This line is made up of 5 products for the care of the whole family . A shampoo for sensitive skin and oily hair stands out, Bodycann Annabis Shampoo 250 ml . In addition, it has a daily shower gel and a moisturizing body lotion. For the little ones in the house, they have a two-in-one shampoo that serves as a shower gel.
And finally a product called Cannol, an oil that is used both for hair and for massage after showering.
These products have no chemicals, are special for super sensitive skin and are regenerative.

Facial cosmetics
This is one of the most sought-after lines at the cosmetic level, among which the following stand out:

Cremcann hyaluron by Annabis natural hemp facial cream: Ideal for mature skin with a rejuvenating effect. Its formula contains hyaluronic acid.
Cremcann q10, is a natural moisturizer that helps you regenerate the skin. Perfect for women and men who are beginning to see facial wrinkles. Contains coenzyme Q10 designed for care.
Cannabis q10 facial cream for men.
Cremcann silver: A formula designed with skin that suffers or has been battered by acne in mind. It contains colloidal silver and is perfect for treating pimples and enlarged pores.
Hemp and beeswax lip balm , perfect to protect, care and hydrate your lips.
Neocann elixir HA Serum natural anti-aging vegan cannabis.

Other lines
Here are highlighted several lotions that are used for the care of personal and / or oral hygiene. They also have some products for the line of babies and children up to 10 years. Likewise, the natural & bio line that is made up of organic oils, organic balsams and other elixirs with a high concentration of hemp.
It is important to emphasize that many of these products are used in combination with others. Of course, each of them has its own qualities, but when integrated with others the results are even greater.
It all depends on the type of consumer and the conditions they have. The truth is that Annabis products are an excellent option for people who have struggled for years to find products that are suitable for sensitive skin.
Regardless of the one you choose, you will take special care that in addition to toning, hydrating and keeping your skin healthy, it will help you with other pathologies.

What are the products that Annabis sells the most?
Annabis has a line of varied products that seeks to satisfy the needs of many people. Many of them are dedicated especially for hygiene and personal care, and others are exclusively for cosmetic use . Let's find out what is most in demand!

Bodycann Annabis Shower Gel 250 ml for daily hygiene: This is a compound of Hemp and D-Panthenol that is responsible for protecting the skin by creating a natural protective layer. It has 19 natural herbal extracts that work in combination with hemp seed oil. One of its main qualities is that it provides many benefits to the skin, among which its nourishing and regenerating effect stand out.
Arthocann: It is one of the gels that make up the heat action gel line. It is used to perform pressure massages, since its texture allows it to penetrate more easily into the layers of the skin. Making pain relief whatever its causes, so it can be used after a strenuous workout.
Dolorcann Bio: Organic balm from hemp to alleviate massages in more specific areas. There are several presentations of this product and you can find it from 7.5 euros.
Varicann Q10 75 ml Annabis : Organic balm from hemp to relieve tired legs through massage. Perfect for both men or women who have a tingling sensation or who suffer from breakout varicose veins. It is an excellent relief and helps with blood circulation.
Cremcan Omega 3-6: For sensitive and / or atopic skin. This product has become the perfect ally for those who are allergic or suffer from skin irritations. Its composition helps to regenerate the skin and eliminates the free radicals that other drugs have left behind.

Why choose Annabis products?

Talking about Annabis in the world of medical cannabis is an obligatory reference, because they have made important contributions at the level of formulas in the market.
Although they do not create products for specific diseases, and they started inclined in cosmetics, they have hit the point with their mixtures. This gives a different twist to everything they had planned, since consumers attack certain conditions and at the same time give extra care to the skin.
Annabis, like other companies, offer the option of making purchases directly on their platforms, but they do not have the national coverage that other online stores have. They do better being distributors of their products en masse, and even taking them to internationalization.
One of the best examples of its innovative qualities is the recent launch of a new product on the market, very effective and in high demand since its introduction very recently.
This is ORCAN, which is a concentrated mouthwash based on hemp and other 100% natural ingredients recommended by specialized dentists for the daily oral care of children and adults.
Thanks to the fact that its formula contains a secret combination of herbal extracts together with hemp seed extract with soothing properties. Providing sensitive gums and natural oral flora with a unique care relieving pain or uncomfortable sensations.
Also helping to strengthen the gums and in the same way helping to fight bad breath. Annabis takes first place innovating, thanks to the leadership of both its founders and the specialized team, who stand up for the company and work daily to create products not sold before by any company in this sector.

Are these products worth buying at Farma CBD?

As we mentioned earlier, the company has not set out to expand in all distribution channels. But, this has not been a limitation for its success, on the contrary there has been an increase in demand both in specialized physical stores and online stores.
In the specific case of Farma CBD , it has served as a window to showcase its great proposals and they have been sold without major inconveniences . On the other hand, it helps us keep inventories full of everything consumers are looking for, and this is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits.
Now, if we talk about the quality of Annabis products, we can only say that it is an honor for us to make them reach your hands. Besides, being an innovative brand, it is pure Spanish talent which makes us much more proud.

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