What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Do you have doubts about What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil ? Today, there are many comments about the wonderful health benefits of CBD oil. Especially since the Higea company arrived in Spain legally negotiating this oil or the full spectrum oil, through which the entourage effect can be obtained.

That is When the different compounds of cannabis are fused together with the terpenes and flavonoids , their therapeutic effects in the body are greater than being individual. In fact, today science has found that the therapeutic efficacy of cannabinoids is almost completely lost by eliminating the entourage effect of cannabis.

This being the reason why laboratories work to maintain that entourage effect by simply eliminating the cannabinoid THC from the hemp plant, which is what generates the psychoactive effects. Since eliminating it offers a therapeutic effect equal to that obtained by people of different civilizations for centuries using marijuana.

In conclusion, the use of CBD oil in Spain has been increasing progressively in recent months , thanks to Higea’s commercial Full Spectrum CBD oil. Which, with its successful formulation , creates the possibility of achieving the entourage effect without psychoactive or additive effects.

In addition, its form of oral use makes it very affordable for most people . However, when it comes to acquiring a CBD oil, it is extremely important that you know that there are three types of these oils, which are the Full-Spectrum or full spectrum oil, the Broad-Spectrum of the broad spectrum and the CBD isolate.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

This oil is characterized by being an extract that has pure and unprocessed hemp. In fact it includes all Beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp such as hemp CBD , CBN , CBDa , CBC , CBG and more. It is important to note that hemp naturally has a small amount of THC.

Which indicates that this CBD oil will have traces of this compound, although always well below the legal margin of 0.3%, which means that it does not cause any psychotropic effect.

In this sense, each drop of this wonderful product is made with top quality CBD and with three types of base such as MCT, olive or hemp oil . That is, all the components found in Cannabis sativa are used for its preparation, which includes cannabidiol, essential oils, terpenes and other cannabinoids.

So what is Full Spectrum CBD oil? It is a cocktail that, despite being a topical product, can be used orally with drops applied under the tongue. In this way enters the bloodstream directly. What’s more, it is very complete and is associated with great benefits that greatly improve physical and mental well-being.

For example, it relieves daily stress, joint mobility, pain , inflammation , insomnia and keeps you in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Que es el aceite de CBD Full Spectrum

What is CBD oil for?

For many generations, CBD oil has been a very common home remedy in North America, thanks to its wonderful properties as an analgesic and its great ability to relieve and control pain. As well as it is very effective for states of nervousness, stress, anxiety and to improve sleep.

Also, in Spain, some athletes , people with chronic disorders, mood. And a large number of patients already make use of it, because in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) itself verified that it does not generate any psychotropic or addictive effect.

In addition, some research and tests suggest that full-spectrum CBD oil is best suited for many ailments and conditions including depression , nausea, inflammation, and pain. In addition to relieving seizures in certain types of epilepsy and reduces or stops cancerous tumors and the unpleasant symptoms of cancer treatments.

Since it contains all the compounds and cannabinoids of the plant. It should be noted, that many users support the excellent benefits of full spectrum effects. And it has been shown that the sublingual application of these CBD oils is the most effective compared to other forms such as topical, in aromatherapy or through takings of CBD products.

Differences between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Broad Spectrum

So that you are clear What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? You should know that the term Full spectrum or Broad spectrum , helps identify cutoThey are the other components that work together with the CBD molecules in the oils.

For example, full spectrum CBD oil means that it uses all the components that are present in Cannabis sativa.

That is, it includes cannabidiol, essential oils, terpenes and other cannabinoids and therefore THC is also found, but with a low concentration that would always be below 0.2%. It is important to indicate the active compounds extracted from hemp. And found in full spectrum CBD oil enhance the benefits of cannabinoids.

Since they work together and it is what is called the entourage effect. On the other hand, the CBD Oil Broad Spectrum or broad spectrum, also uses all the components of the plant, Although, with the major difference that during the process the THC is eliminated after the different cannabinoids are extracted and maintained.

Like CBN, CBG, additional terpenes and flavonoids and can produce the entourage effect without any THC. In itself, this oil is like a combination of isolated CBD oil and full spectrum oil, since it uses all the components of the whole hemp plant except THC.

In this sense, It is extremely useful for those people who want to benefit from full spectrum CBD without any trace of THC in the body. On the other hand, this type of oil, like the full spectrum, uses as base oils hemp oil, the MCT or olive.

Advantages of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Using Full Spectrum CBD oil is very advantageous, since it contains all the beneficial components of the hemp plant, which are a range of cannabinoids, which when used interrelate with your endocannabinoid system (SEC). Which is a natural system that is within our body and that helps us regulate many processes.

Such as pain, stress, mood, sleep, and appetite. And when these cannabinoids in hemp oil are linked to SEC, they provide certain different benefits. Plus, full-spectrum CBD oil offers you what CBD-only isolate products don’t.

That is, they are a wide range of particles that enhance and reinforce each other’s effects . These are some of its main advantages:

  • A high level of CBD in its purest form.

  • Small amounts of numerous minor cannabinoids.

  • Synergetic terpenes.

  • Flavonoid particles that contribute to the action of the combined effects, and manifest their own benefits.

  • 0% THC in some cases or an extremely low percentage.

  • A complicated entourage effect that is only partially understood.

How to use this CBD Oil?

The truth is that There is no specific rule to measure the exact dose, since there are certain factors that influence its effect and must be taken into consideration, some of them being your state of health or discomfort and its severity. As well as your metabolism, if you have blood pressure problems, your reaction and sensitivity to CBD, and your weight and height.

And if you are using another medication and the CBD product you choose could affect the effectiveness of Cannabidiol. Therefore, the first thing you should always do is visit a specialist doctor who can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

However, if this is the first time you use CBD, take the dropper that includes the product and measures 0.50 for an initial dose of 16.6 mg per day . In fact, we recommend a very famous and effective method, which is the escalation of the dose until you get the most desired results.

You can start with a microdose depending on the type of symptoms , that is, start with a low daily dose and maintain it for a week dividing the doses in morning, noon and night, listen to your body and if possible take note of what you feel . If there is some improvement, you can increase the dose and maintain it for another week and so on.

Now, if you notice any negative effects, reduce the dose. And when you’ve found a dose that you feel comfortable with, stick with it, as this may be your proper dose from now on.

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