CBD and Melatonin

CBD and Melatonin for Sleep Insomnia Problems

CBD and melatonin

CBD and Melatonin is a very used combination nowadays. The quality sleep is one of the prerequisites to have a good health , it is one of the most important processes for physical and mental wellbeing. However, today there are a huge number of people who have problems falling asleep seeing their quality of life really affected, but CBD and melatonin represent a solution.

Currently CBD has begun to be used due to the recognition of its different properties, this cannabinoid is one of the main components of cannabis or marijuana but it is not associated with narcotic effects, nor is it capable of generating addiction, on the contrary it has important benefits for pain control and also to generate states of calm and relaxation. 

As for melatonin, it is a hormone that is secreted by the body naturally, giving rise to the physiological processes that produce sleep . However, there are certain factors that inhibit the secretion of this hormone and that is when sleep problems occur. For example, stress, the fast pace of life, the light emitted by the screens of mobile phones, laptops and other devices and also the food consumed. 

CBD and melatonin for sleep

The CBD and melatonin are two options great to fight sleep problems, it is natural alternatives really efficient results without side effects.

On the one hand, CBD has great powers in this sense, since it can generate incredible states of relaxation, which lead to sleep, and its effects occur quickly and without side effects. The same happens with melatonin, it does not generate hangover effects and it does not produce addiction, it is about replacing the dose that the body is no longer capable of producing.

It should be noted, the drugs used to sleep, usually have negative side effects for health, in addition to generating dependency, they can also cause or increase mortality. In sum, these drugs can generate interactions with other drugs, while melatonin, for example, cannot.

How to use Cannabis and melatonin?

When it comes to using melatonin , it comes in capsules or pills and of course, it should always be under the indication of a doctor or specialist. In the case of CBD, it is even simpler, since it is used through CBD oil , this product offers all the benefits of this cannabinoid.

For example, it can be consumed directly through the sublingual method , that is, putting a few drops under the tongue with the help of a dropper, another option is to add it directly to food, this facilitates its inclusion in the daily routines of simple way. It is also possible to find CBD creams , a product that is applied directly to the skin and its effects are felt quickly. Of course, it is advisable to consult a specialist to determine the dose indicated in each case. In conclusion, CBD and melatonin can be the best solution to achieve optimal sleep and rest.

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